December E-Newsletter

Message from Your MPP

Dear Neighbour,

As we are approaching the end of the year 2022 and the beginning of the holiday season with celebrations in the air, I want to wish you a joyful time ahead. I’m sure everyone has started planning for their Christmas break, kids must be excited to receive gifts and meet Santa Claus! A small reminder to everyone, please stay warm and stay safe!

November was National Diabetes Month, a perfect time to raise awareness about diabetes. While there have been advances in technology to better support people living with all types of diabetes still prevention is considered to be the best cure. More than 4.3 million Ontarians are living with diabetes or prediabetes, early diagnosis can save lives and reduce the risk of life-changing complications. Over 1 in 2 adults living with diabetes are undiagnosed. I encourage every resident to practice daily healthy living habits as recommended by health professionals. 

On November 17th our government released the Fall Economic Statement and has made some major historic decisions through ‘Plan to Build Ontario Act. We have committed to building more affordable houses and have supported more job creation in the skills-trade sector, to support Ontarians moving forward.

To celebrate the year 2022, I and my staff would like to invite you for a Christmas Open House, on December 17th, 2022, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at 7895 Tranmere Dr unit 11, Mississauga. I’m looking forward to spending some good time with you and your family.

Wishing everyone a blessed festivity!


Statement From Deepak

I was honoured and privileged to rise in the house to talk about the ‘Art of giving’ I want to thank my wife Aruna Anand for her initiative Fueling healthy minds to support kids in need with healthy breakfast with the help of and amazing volunteers who have learned the art of giving. Together they are bringing smiles to everyone.

Investing in Ontario

$1.5 million in the 2022-23 Enabling Change Program The Ontario government is building stronger and more accessible communities by investing up to $1.5 million in the 2022-23 Enabling Change Program. 

Ontario Preparing More Students for Careers in the Skilled Trades

Our government is investing $4.8M over 2 years for apprenticeship programs to prepare students for #JobsofTomorrow ensuring a brighter future. Now high school students will earn #DualCredit with real-life experience in #skilledTrade, and be ready to join #dreamjobs with bigger cheques

Approximately one in five job openings in Ontario are projected to be in skilled trades-related occupations by 2026.

73 percent of secondary school students are taking at least one credit in technological education before they graduate.

Of all high school graduates, 41 percent graduate with exposure to at least one job skills experiential learning program, including Cooperative Education, Specialist High Skills Major, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, and Dual Credit.

Since 2017-18, the number of students participating in the dual credit program, with a skilled trades and technology focus increased by approximately 84 percent.

In 2022-23, students are approved to participate in over 25,500 dual credit courses, of which over 10,900 are related to the skilled trades.

According to the Dual Credit Students and their Transition to College 2021 report by Ontario College Application Service, almost 93 percent of all dual credit applicants received an offer to attend college compared to 86 percent of all students.

The Ministry of Education has partnered with First Robotics and Skills Ontario to provide hands-on learning opportunities and competitions for students and is providing $3 million to school boards over three years to strengthen the knowledge of guidance teachers on pathways for skilled trades and apprenticeship.

The Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development is investing an additional $114.4 million over three years in its Skilled Trades Strategy to break the stigma associated with the skilled trades, simplify the system, and encourage employer participation.

Safer And Respectful Environments for Post-Secondary Students

In 2019, The Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities released the results of the survey called “Student Voices on Sexual Violence.” It provided insights across the post-secondary education sector in Ontario on a wide range of measures. The survey was completed by 26.5 percent of university students, 16.3 percent of college students, and 9.3 percent of private career college students. The survey indicated that our community colleges are doing poorly on the “Sexual Harassment Experience Index”. As a response to this, the government made a mandate for all publicly assisted colleges and universities to report annually to their Board of Governors, including on the number of incidents and complaints of sexual violence reported by students, as well as the supports, programs, and initiatives available to students.

On October 27th, 2022, the Government of Ontario introduced the Strengthening Post-secondary Institutions and Students Act, 2022 that, if passed, would further protect students by providing measures for postsecondary institutions to address faculty and staff sexual misconduct toward students on campus. These amendments will strengthen the tools available to institutions to counter sexual misconduct, for example preventing the rehiring of employees found to have committed sexual abuse of a student. These amendments will also prevent the use of non-disclosure agreements to address instances where an employee leaves an institution to be employed at another institution and will amend all post-secondary institutions to have sexual harassment policies in place that will outline rules of behavior and conduct between students and faculty.

Our government is seeking stakeholder & public input to help modernize the Veterinarians Act by starting consultations on proposed updates to the current legislative framework for veterinary professionals.

Our Recent Townhall Meeting

I want to thank the residents of Mississauga-Malton for joining me for a virtual town hall on November 25th, 2022. We discussed Queen’s Park, investments, community events, and government initiatives aimed to help increase employment within the community. Information about upcoming Healthcare System upgrades for the residents of Mississauga-Malton was discussed with the residents. Accelerating Long-Term Care in Mississauga-Malton through partnerships with Trillium Health Partners and Humber River Hospital will provide up to 632 new long-term care beds for seniors in Mississauga-Malton.

Residents also learned about the MITACS an organization that builds research partnerships between post-secondary institutes and professional industries. With the help of MITACS there will be more than 2700 paid internships created for post-secondary students in Ontario. Eligibility criteria for MITACS funding were briefly reviewed and residents (businesses and students) were encouraged to apply for it. 

For Non-Profits, Businesses, and other organizations we looked at the EnAbling Change Program which covers up to 75% cost of projects that bring awareness to tools and educational resources which can make Ontario accessible to all.

We had an active discussion about the details of Ontario’s More Home Build Faster Act and how it will contribute to creating more affordable housing in the community of Mississauga-Malton. 

In the end, we received feedback from our community members, and we planned on future strategies to help our community become stronger, safe, and inclusive for all. Me and my staff are hosting a Christmas Open House for all the residents on December 17th, 2022, at our constituency office from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. I hope to see you with your family there! Our next townhall will be on January 26th, 2023, we will send out more details about it closer to the date

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