This month, I want to dedicate my op-ed to all the students who are going back to school this September. Whether it be your first year in middle school or your last year in university, fall is a time of renewal for you. While we reflect on the summer and all of the work we did and fun we had — from doing chores at home to volunteering at our favourite organizations, to watching the Raptors bring the Championship home or celebrating with Bianca Andreescu as she made #saugaproud during the Rogers Cup — it is important to realize that we did this with time management!

As we get ready for school this fall, we need to analyze our lives and see how we manage our days; as we know, one who makes the most of their time accomplishes the most. There are many ways to budget your time; however, each technique requires a calendar and a list of goals. Personally, I have a calendar app on my phone where I write down all my appointments and important points for each one; my son, on the other hand, writes a Post-it note each morning filled with tasks he plans to accomplish. Whatever you prefer, always remember time management does not just pertain to work; make sure to include buffer/breathing room as well — and always put in some relaxing time since your mind also needs rest. We must have a balanced life to achieve our goals.

Some students may start the school year with 187 days, some with 4488 hours, some with 269,280 minutes and others with 16,156,800 seconds. It does not matter whether you have days, hours or seconds, your use of time will make a difference in your life and in the lives of those by whom you are surrounded. As the entrepreneur and motivational speaker Michael Altshuler said, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” I wish everyone a smooth transition back to school.