Boosting Literacy and Math Skills

On Sunday, April 16th 2023, Education Minister Stephen Lecce and PA Patrice Barnes announced Ontario’s plan to boost literacy and math skills by investing more than $180 Million in targeted supports for students in the classroom and at home.

Recent Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) testing has shown that Ontario students, are in need of additional supports to help build the foundational math and literacy skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

Our government is taking clear and effective action to challenge the status quo by overhauling the Language and Math curricula, hiring over 1000 specialized staff, elevating standards and training for staff, and expanding new resources for students to boost literacy and math skills.

  • Support more than 300 educators to support student learning in math
  • Double the number of school math coaches in classrooms to provide direct support to teachers and students
  • Introduce one math lead per board to spearhead math curriculum implementation and standardize training, and provide additional supports for math coaches in the classrooms
  • Expand access to digital math tools that students and parents can access anytime
  • Continue live teacher-led virtual tutoring services focused on math
  • Enhance skills of new teachers through dedicated training and covering costs of additional math qualification courses to enhance math fluency and competency.
  • Introduce new, Canada-leading, early reading screening requirements for all students in Year 2 of Kindergarten to Grade 2, along with a standardized and fully funded screening tool and training for educators, to ensure students receive the necessary foundational skills and early interventions in reading that are critical to future success
  • Fund additional specialist teachers who can work one-on-one or in small groups to help students who need additional support in reading
  • Invest in almost 700 educators to support development and excellence in literacy for Ontario students
  • Introduce an overhauled language curriculum in September of 2023 with an emphasis on ensuring students at an early age can master basic literacy.