On the 21st of October, Canada — the 36th largest democracy in the world — exercised its privilege to elect a new government. In Canada, we are very lucky to have the right to choose our representatives. There are billions of people around the world who do not have the privilege that we do. Democracy is the core foundation of our country and we all hold a duty to make sure it works, and I want to thank everyone who came out to vote and raise their voice.

People elect representatives to work with and for everyone. Before elections, the nominated-representatives advocate for a political ideology or platform. Once elected, however, the official becomes responsible for everyone and not just for those who voted for them. Elected representatives should work for everyone regardless of their personal political ideology. This is not just for the relations between the elected member and constituents but for the relations between all the other branches of democracy. I want to see Mississauga-Malton prosper and I want to work with everyone for this.

However, one thing we have to be wary about is a threat to democracy called polarization. When our community gets divided, we all fail collectively. When we fail collectively, society does not move forward and everyone loses. Debating political ideas is great for society but what we have to remember is that at the end of the day, we are all Canadians. As Canadians we obviously want to see Canada continue to be one of the best countries to live in. Very, fortunately, Canada has never been a place for much polarization and I hope it will never be. This is not what politics is about and never what politics should be about.

I once again want to remind everyone that my office is always open for everyone. Whether you support or oppose any particular legislation or policies, I want to make sure your voice is heard. Please remember that I am elected by you and for you. So let’s all work together to take Mississauga-Malton forward.