MPP Anand’s thirty-eighth Members’ Statement was on the topic of “Driving Instructors”, delivered on 26 April 2021.

I still remember the day when I received my driver’s licence. I felt empowered. Immediately, the definition of “distance” changed for me.

Every year, driving instructors help thousands of people, like our youth, those who wait for years for that first drive of independence; new immigrants, whose job prospects could multiply with a driving licence; truckers, who need their full G before moving on to their commercial licence.

I want to acknowledge and thank driving instructors for playing an integral and important role in our communities. A special shout-out goes to APDIO and ADSIO for their Ontario spirit. During these tough times, you have stepped up and have supported the community by delivering food and PPE to the families in need.

Mr. Speaker, in Peel, in-vehicle instruction was only allowed for four out of the last 13 months, and due to the pandemic, 294,000 passenger road tests were cancelled. Once the DriveTest centres are open, driving instructors will have to work overtime to fulfill the spike in demand. Mr. Speaker, I want to acknowledge that our office is working with APDIO to seek the possibility of helping residents looking to get vaccinated and don’t have transportation options.

Through this statement, I would like to thank Ontario’s driving instructors for their hard work and their community service and wish them the best of success.