June is Seniors Month!

June is Seniors Month in Ontario!

It’s a time to recognize the hard work seniors have done all their lives to make Ontario into the great place it is today.

We are working for seniors by:

Home and Housing

Explore options to maintain residence in your current home or discover the variety of housing and care facilities accessible.

Health and well-being

Seek guidance and recommendations to access coverage for prescription medications, adaptive tools, and additional necessities.


Seek assistance if you’re providing care for a cherished individual or if you’re tasked with making critical end-of-life choices.


Explore the array of social, cultural, and recreational programs available within your community.

Safety and Security

Discover resources regarding legal services, will preparation, advance care planning, safeguarding against scams and elder abuse, as well as preparing for emergencies.


Explore the various tax credits, benefits, government pensions, and financial assistance programs that you may be eligible for.

Driving and Transportation

Access transportation services, acquire information on obtaining an accessible parking permit, and navigate the process of renewing your driver’s license and other related services.

Employment and Learning

Discover employment programs, ongoing educational opportunities, and services tailored for newcomers to help you integrate and thrive in your new community.

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