Keeping Ontario’s Roads Safe

Our roads are being taken over reckless drivers, auto theft, people under the influence of drugs/alcohol and unsafe commercial vehicles.

Our government is working to put an end to these dispicable behaviours through the newly introduced Safer Roads and Communities Act. If passed it will include:

Combatting Alcohol and Drug-Impaired Driving

  • Lifetime licence suspensions for impaired driving causing death
  • Mandatory ignition interlock devices for anyone convicted of impaired driving
  • Longer roadside licence suspensions for first- and second-time alcohol/drug-related occurrences
  • Zero-tolerance condition for anyone convicted of impaired driving
  • Mandatory remedial education for first-time alcohol/drug-related occurrences
  • Clarifying police authority to stop vehicles for impaired driving off the highway
  • Launching a province-wide campaign on drug-impaired driving
  • Enhancing support for police to detect drug-impaired driving

Strengthening Public Safety

  • Escalating licence suspensions for motor vehicle theft
  • Ensuring minimum mandatory licence suspensions for stunt driving

Enhancing Alternative and Commercial Vehicle Safety

  • Improving e-bike safety
  • Strengthening enforcement of commercial vehicle safety
  • Reviewing commercial driver training