May E-Newsletter

Message From Your MPP

Dear Neighbours,

April showers bring May flowers! It’s the time of the year when students gear up for exams and families organize holiday plans with loads of excitement for outdoor activities. Wishing the best of success to high school students on your exams.

Through the hustle and bustle of May, we have much to look forward to, from the warmth of Mother’s Day to the festivities of Victoria Day, Vesak, and Ascension Day. I hope these celebrations are filled with joy as we honour their significance. Speaking of Mother’s Day, I am delighted to invite you to join our community at the Mississauga-Malton Mother’s Day event on May 5th, 2024, hosted at the Frank McKechnie Community Centre. It’s an amazing opportunity to celebrate the invaluable contributions of mothers to our society.

I’m proud to highlight our government’s commitment to supporting mothers and families, with significant investments totalling $23 billion. These funds will go towards the construction and improvement of schools and childcare facilities. Moreover, an additional $546 million will be allocated to bolster healthcare initiatives, ensuring access to quality healthcare for all residents. These investments showcase Ontario’s dedication to nurturing strong, healthy, and resilient families.

Looking ahead, let’s carry forward the spirit of unity and compassion. Together, we will continue fostering a community where every voice is heard, every individual is valued, and every dream is nurtured. Here’s to the bright days ahead and the endless possibilities they hold.

As always, my office continues to be committed to serving you and your feedback remains immensely valuable as we collaborate to cultivate more vibrant and inclusive communities.

Best Regards,

MPP Deepak Anand

Deepak Anand

Mother’s Day is an occasion to honour the invaluable contributions of all the amazing mothers in our lives. 

On May 5th please Join me to celebrate the special bond we share with our mothers and express our gratitude to the special angle of our life. 

With heartwarming activities. 

Refreshments will be served

Free and Open to ALL

When: Sunday, May 5th – 6:00-8:00pm

Where: Frank McKechnie Community Centre – 310 Bristol Road East

Click Here to Register

First Day as PA to Ministry of Finance

I was honoured to start my new role as Parliamentary Assistant tothe Ministry of Finance.

Thank you Premier Ford & Minister Bethlenfalvy for your trust & confidence in me.

I am looking forward to working together to build a stronger & better Ontario.

Investments In Ontario

$15 Billion is being invested by Honda Canada to build Canada’s First Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Supply Chain.

This represents the largest automotive investment in Canadian history and will build four new plants, creating and supporting thousands of jobs across Ontario’s automotive industry for years to come.

$200 Million is being invested to help communities across Ontario build and renovate sports and recreation facilities.

The Community Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Fund will be delivered as a competitive, application-based program open to municipalities, Indigenous communities and non-profit organizations

$155.5 Million is being invested this year to help fast-track construction of long-term care homes.

Eligible construction projects approved by November 30, 2024 will receive additional funding through the construction funding subsidy to help get shovels in the ground, and get more beds built faster

$125 Million is being invested to boost manufacturing in four Southwestern Ontario expansion projects through the Regional Development Program.

  • $60 Million investment by Korean EV-battery parts manufacturer, DS-Actimo Canada, is being supported by $5 million to build their first North American plant.
  • $26.5 Million investment by food supplier Highbury Canco Corp. is being supported by $3.1 million to expand processing and warehouse capacities.
  • $23 Million by plastic fuel tank manufacturer Kautex Textron, is being supported by $1.5 million to enable the production of EV-batteries.
  • $15.6 Million by Tool & Mold Inc., a global leader in the automotive tool and mold industry, to adopt new technologies and expand pr

$80 Million expansion investment is being made BWX Technologies, Inc. to their nuclear manufacturing plant.

This expansion will create over 250 well paying union jobs, while supporting our province’s building of nuclear plants to provide Ontarians reliable, affordable & clean energy for generations to come.

$9.5 Million is being invested through the Grid Innovation Fund to support projects that will make Ontario’s electricity system more efficient.

This year’s funding will be focused on transportation and heating and cooling, two sectors that are driving significant electricity demand increases.

$8 Million is being invested to support cultural tourism in communities across the province.

Funding will be provided through the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund to help 40 arts, heritage and cultural organizations develop, promote and present high-quality, high-profile events that strengthen local economies and create good-paying jobs.

+$7.3 Million is being invested to create 3 free training programs for skilled trades workers in Milton.

These programs will help over 7,000 Ontarians start new careers in landscaping, horse grooming and welding

Ontario Expanding GO Train Service Across the Greater Toronto Area

Our government is committed to connecting Ontario to reliable and affordable public transit. That’s why we are investing almost $380 million to help 104 municipalities improve transit, including over $23 million for Mississauga.

Funding can help with:

  • expanding service hours
  • increasing the number & frequency of routes
  • purchasing new vehicles and
  • improving accessibility

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Additionally, our government has confirm plans to move ahead with the largest expansion in GO train services in more than ten years.

This expansion will add over 300 trips per week on the Lakeshore-West, Lakeshore-East, Milton, Kitchener, and Stouffville lines.

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New One-Stop Online Portal for Small & Medium Sized Business Needs

Our government has launched a new one-stop-business-portal to help small and medium sized business owners find the tools, forms and advice needed to register for taxes and start your business all in one place.

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Modernizing Education and Child Care

As our province grows into the modern era, so does our need for more class rooms, teachers and support staff equipped with the tools needed to prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow. Thats why the Ontario government is increasing Core Education Funding for the coming school year by $745 million more than last year.

Together with other investments, this represents $29 billion in total education funding and the largest investment in Ontario’s education system.

Ontario’s plan will support getting back-to-basics, provide mental health supports and build more schools, faster.

For the 2024-25 school year, the Ontario government’s investments include:

  • Special Education funding is being increased to $3.5 billion
  • $11.5 million additional investment to support school boards’ ability to conduct professional assessments to hire more staff to help reduce wait times for speech and language supports.
  • An additional $10 million this year is being invested as part of the Special Incidence Portion (SIP) modernization to support students with extraordinarily high needs.
  • School Facilities fund is providing $2.9 billion for operating, maintaining, renovating, and renewing school buildings
  • Student Transportation funding is receiving an additional $80 An additional $80 million for a total of $1.3 billion, to better support reliable and safe transportation for students
  • Mental Health funding is being increased by $14 million to $117.65 million to provide students with mental health services over the summer months, including access to school-based mental health professionals, targeted programs and supports year-round in response to recommendations from families and student trustees.
  • Reading Support funding is allocating $68.68 million to hire over 600 specialized educators and provide increased reading supports; and $12.5 million for reading intervention support licences and $12.5 million for reading screening tools, so that every Senior Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 child benefits from screening this coming school year
  • Math Supports are receiving $34 million to support the hiring of 300 school math facilitators and $13.5 million to fund school board math leads with a singular mandate to improve math skills
  • Building Security departments are receiving $10 million in new funding for school security infrastructure, including vape detectors

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In addition to the new funding model, our government is also investing a more than $1.3 billion investment to accelerate, build, and expand more schools across the province.

This historic investment supports the construction of 60 schools, more than doubling our previous funding commitments, and will create over 27,000 new student spaces and 1,750 child care spaces.

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Cracking Down on Cellphone Use and Banning Vaping in Schools

Our government is committed to ensuring students receive the best educational experiences possible while staying healthy and limiting distractions. That’s why we are:

  • Implementing zero-tolerance enforcement procedures for bans on tobacco, electronic cigarettes (vapes), nicotine products, recreational cannabis, alcohol, and illegal drugs.
  • Banning cellphone use during school hours for students Grade 6 and under
  • Restricting phone usage during learning periods for older students to uses approved by their teachers
  • Setting up a task force comprising education partners, parents, students and health experts on the implementation of the Provincial Code of Conduct.

And more!

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Building Ontario’s Future

Ontario Building Better, More Modern Hospital for Etobicoke and Mississauga

I was glad to join Premier Ford in April to break ground on the new Gilgan Family Queensway Health Centre in Etobicoke that will serve the needs of our growing community for decades to come.

Doors are expected to open on the 600,000-square-foot hospital by late 2029. Once complete the new patient tower will will include a modern nine-story facility with over 350 beds and fully private patient rooms to ensure privacy and enhance infection prevention control. The expanded space will also allow TPH to connect more people to specialized care, including complex continuing care and rehabilitation services.

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Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes

In April the Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes Act, 2024, was released as the latest step in our government’s commitment to getting more homes built faster, at lower costs; by cutting red tape, introducing new regulations and working with municipalities/other partners to grow a stronger economy. If passed it will:

  • Invest in housing-enabling infrastructure.
  • Support innovative construction methods.
  • Prioritize infrastructure for ready-to-go housing projects
  • Streamline approvals for student housing.
  • Eliminate the provincial sales tax from purpose-built rentals to boost rental starts.
  • Helping build vibrant, mixed-use communities
  • Make it easier to build more garden, laneway and basement suites.

The best ideas to cut red tape and make life easier come from the people who deal with it every day. Our government encourages people and businesses to share your ideas through the dedicated Red Tape Portal.

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Out and About in the Community

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