More Homes, Built Faster: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan 2022–2023 is the next step to getting 1.5 million homes built over the next 10 years.

The new amendments for Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 is a piece of legislation that I endorse and am excited by. Bill 23 would allow the Government of Ontario to reduce red tape, increase the ease of building residential and familial homes as well as reduce the cost of housing across the province. Furthermore, it is a huge step in aiding the province to achieve the 1.5 million home goal over the next decade. As the member of provincial parliament for Mississauga-Malton, I have seen the ongoing struggle of the constituents in my riding to secure available housing. This new bill is a huge step towards equitable and affordable housing for over 1 million people in my riding and the constituents across Ontario, one that allows communities both in Mississauga-Malton to realize their dream of owning a home. I am proud to be apart of the Government that is taking the initiative in securing the future is safe for Canadian families.  

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Ontario’s housing supply crisis is complex and didn’t develop overnight. Tackling the crisis will also take time.

We will need both short-term strategies and long-term commitment from all levels of government, the private sector, and not-for-profits to drive change.

We are proposing a range of solutions to help build housing faster and bring costs down. Building on our work over the last four years, these policies continue to create a solid foundation that will address Ontario’s housing supply crisis over the long term.

This plan is based on the following four areas: Building more homes, Helping homebuyers, Reducing Construction costs and fees, and Streamlining development approvals.

Building more homes

  • Gentle density
  • Density near transit hubs
  • Revitalizing new housing supply
  • Municipal housing targets Identifying more land for housing
  • Building more schools
  • More affordable housing options

Helping homebuyers

  • Incenting more efficient use of vacant homes
  • Protecting consumers
  • Streamlining land lease approvals

Reducing construction costs and fees

  • Reducing parkland requirements and fees
  • Reducing the property tax burdens on apartment buildings
  • Tax measures to support affordable housing

Streamlining development approvals

  • Speeding up municipal processes
  • Streamlining aggregate applications
  • Ontario Land Tribunal
  • Heritage and the environment
  • Natural hazards
  • Protecting heritage while meeting housing needs

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