October 2022 E-Newsletter

Message from Your MPP 

Dear Neighbours, 

Fall is officially upon us and it is one of my favourite season of the year! As we witness the beautiful transformation of leaves into shades of red, orange, and gold, we are reminded of the inevitable change that surrounds us. Students are also settling into their new school year, as they enjoy learning from class, socializing with their friends, and participating in extracurriculars they love. I’m so proud of our children for their resilience and for working together with their parents, teachers, and guardians to bring the best out 

The season of Autumn is also a reminder of the blessings we have in our life it is the perfect time to express our gratitude. 

As we approach Thanksgiving Day we want to thank the Mississauga-Malton families for their support. I am also thankful for my wife and my two children for being my pillars of strength every day. 

I wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving this year with your family and friends, I invite you to share with us the things and the people in your life you feel grateful for. Send us an email at deepak.anandco@pc.ola.org and share what you’re thankful for! 


Remarkable Citizen 2022

On October 1 st   Deepak Anand, MPP for Mississauga-Malton hosted annual Remarkable Citizen Awards to thank and celebrate this year’s awardees, as well as those who took the time to nominate them. The annual celebration recognized residents for their exemplary community service generosity, dedication, and willingness to make Mississauga-Malton better place to live, grow and raise family.  A diverse group of thirteen residents with accomplished backgrounds varying from the education field, non-profit organizations, community start-ups, and individually driven community members were presented the Remarkable Citizen Award by MPP Deepak Anand and his wife Aruna Anand to personally honor them for their outstanding contributions in Mississauga-Malton. 

Remarkable Citizens joined the event with their loved ones, and shared their journey in volunteering within the community around the table with light refreshments and lots of laughter and tears. The event was held at the community office located at 7895 Tranmere Drive, Mississauga.  

 “This is an honour to recognize the outstanding residents of Mississauga-Malton who have continuously gone above and beyond to offer help and kindness Incredible contributions of remarkable Citizen Award recipients is instrumental in making our community a better place and inspiring others around them.” 

      – Deepak Anand, MPP of Mississauga-Malton

Thanksgiving Luncheon 2022

MPP Deepak Anand’s 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon 

Deepak Anand, MPP for Mississauga Malton hosted the annual Thanksgiving luncheon at 7895 Tranmere Drive on Saturday, October 1st, 2022. Over 300 residents of Mississauga-Malton gathered with their loved ones to mark the celebration.

“We are thankful to MPP Anand for hosting this annual tradition. It gives us an opportunity to bond with other community members while having fun”, said one of the residents.

Activities featured at the event included a free henna station, delicious food served by Infinity Cuisine along with live music played by local residents Bosco & Sabie. Community organizations, Amar Karma, a South Asian Organ Donation Society and Safe City were present with information to spread the awareness on important resources.

MPP Anand shared his journey of support and love his family received as an immigrant. His wife and he believe annual Thanksgiving celebration is a perfect way to express their gratitude for community.

We would like to give a big thanks to those who brought non-perishable food items to be donated at Sai Dham Food Bank.

The Thanksgiving Luncheon was graced by the Honourable Kaleed Rasheed, Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery, MPP Nina Tangri, MPP Amarjot Sandhu, MPP Dave Smith and many other community leaders to show support tonthe residents of Mississauga-Malton.

Deepak Anand thanked all community members for their support and encouraged everyone to celebrate their blessings of life with family, friends and loved ones.

The event was held at MPP Anand’s community office located at 7985 Tranmere Dr. #11, Mississauga.            

Announcement From Our Government 

It was my pleasure to attend Orlando Corporation’s announcement of a $75 million donation to @SHNcares and @UofT. This donation will help address the #HealthCare needs of #Scarborough and the Eastern GTA by improving access to emergency care and increasing medical training.

Ontario Investing an Additional $90 Million into Skills Development Fund –https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1002317/ontario-investing-an-additional-90-million-into-skills-development-fund

Ontario Strengthening the Community of Fort Frances and the Township of Alberton – frances-and-the-township-of-alberton

Canada and Ontario Increasing Access to High-Speed Internet in Oxford County- https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1002299/canada-and-ontario-increasing-access-to-high-speed-internet-in-oxford-county

Ontario Strengthens Cultural and Economic Vitality of Francophonie – https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1002294/ontario-strengthens-cultural-and-economic-vitality-of-francophonie

Blood Donation

On September 10th, 2022 Deepak Anand, MPP for Mississauga Malton hosted a blood drive to support Canadian Blood Services. Half of all Canadians will either need blood or knows someone who will need blood, yet only four percent of Canadians donate. Approximately $562 million is spent on collecting blood for patients in critical care. The blood drive took place at the Heartland Town Centre branch of Canadian Blood Services from 12:00 pm onwards. Healthy refreshments and water were provided to the donors to ensure all those who participate felt healthy and energized upon leaving. MPP Anand has been a longstanding advocate for encouraging everyone in donating blood to help vulnerable patients in need. Thank you to the incredible blood donors and the hardworking nurses and staff for making donating blood an easy and safe process. Let’s do our part and #beadonor

“Donating blood is truly an altruistic gift one individual can directly give to individuals who are in dire need.”

Deepak Anand, MPP for Mississauga-Malton 

Our Recent Townhall Meeting

On September 27th, 2022 residents of Mississauga-Malton joined MPP Deepak Anand in a townhall meeting. During the townhall, MPP Anand updated residents about Queen’s Park, investments, community events and government initiatives aimed to help increase employment within the community. Information on the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) was reviewed to support students as they begin their training on the job while meeting high school diploma requirements. Residents learned key information on how to qualify for Better Jobs Ontario to get training and financial support for in-demand occupations. The townhall provided an open conversation between MPP Deepak Anand and the residents to discuss community updates. Looking forward to see you all at the next townhall meeting on October 25th, 2022. 

To honor and raise awareness on World Alzheimers Month, special Guest Danielle Farell from the Alzheimers Society of Peel joined in and educated residents, family members and caregivers living with Alzheimers on this important issue. Useful resources and tools were introduced to assist residents in learning more about preventative measures such as exercise, stress reduction and eating healthy foods. Approximately 60 percent of people with dementia-related memory problems become lost at some point. For people experiencing dementia, every step counts.  If you are living with dementia, or are caring for a person with dementia, Finding Your Way has information and resources to help you be prepared for incidents of going missing. Thank you to everyone from the community for joining and sharing ideas.

 Out and About in the Community

Privilege to hold cloth with every child’s name who never made back to home from residential school
With Deputy Chief of Peel police at 19th Community Policing Dinner hosted by Mississauga Chinese Business Association
Celebrated Onam with Locate Residents
50th Anniversary Celebration, Etobicoke General Hospital
At MBOT conversation about labour shortage in Ontario
Celebrating Egytion Herei\tage Month
Visited Truck Show to create jobs in Logistic sector
Employment Services Transformation Announcement – at Balsillie Family YMCA Peterborough
Visited Univer of Toront in Missiagua  Caree Centre