MPP Anand’s nineteenth Members’ Statement was on the topic of “Children and Youth in Care Day”, delivered on 13 May 2019.

See full transcript below:

“Often, on one hand, we say our children are our future or that we live for our children; on the other hand, we have children who experience abuse. Tomorrow, we recognize the strength, bravery and resilience shown by young people who have faced adversity in their lives. May 14 is Children and Youth in Care Day. It is an opportunity to provincially raise awareness about children and youth in care.

Our children’s aid societies help to protect infants, children and youth who experience abuse or who are at risk. There are 47 children’s aid societies in Ontario alone, with almost 12,000 children in need.

Mr. Speaker, I’d like to recognize Peel Children’s Aid, who work to ensure the safety and well-being of children and strengthen families, and who have their office in my riding of Mississauga–Malton. So thank you for that.

Established in 1912, Peel Children’s Aid last year served 11,300 families and has worked with 190 kinship families and more than 120 foster families. At Peel Children’s Aid, the success of youth leaving care is the highest priority. They have actually collected, with the generosity of donors, more than $230,000 so that they can help 60 youth involved with the Peel Children’s Aid Society receive education bursaries.

I would like to say to anyone and everyone: If you can, join the Peel Children’s Aid Society on May 30 for their annual gala. With them, I know our youth and our future is safe and bright.”