MPP Anand’s thirty-fifth Members’ Statement was on the topic of “organ donation”, delivered on 25 November 2020.

See full transcript below:

“As per Ontario’s Trillium Gift of Life Network, each organ donation can save up to eight lives and enhance up to 75 more through tissue donation.

Thanks to Amar Karma, a not-for-profit organization from Mississauga–Malton that has been working tirelessly to raise awareness on organ donation for over a decade. Unfortunately, there are still over 1,600 Ontarians on the wait-list for organ transplants, and every three days, someone on that list dies of a preventable death.

With a heavy heart, I remind members of a recent tragedy. On November 7, Dante Sebastian Andreatta from Brampton, an innocent 12-year-old boy, was hit by a stray bullet and died in a hospital four days later. Dante lost his life, but Dante created a legacy that will live on forever. Through organ donation, Dante, at the tender age of 12 years, has gone on to save nine lives, who will live their lives to the fullest.

Dante’s heroic legacy and generosity should be a message to the 65% of Ontarians that have not registered their consent for organ donation. In Mississauga alone, the registration is only 22%. I urge everyone to please register your consent at beadonor.ca. Your deed will live on.

With less people going to ServiceOntario, Ontario numbers are further down. Please take two minutes. Spend those two minutes and you can help others; you can save lives. Let’s spread the word and save lives.”