MPP Anand’s first Members’ Statement was on the topic of “Youth Services”, delivered on 25 July 2018.
In his Mandate Letter, MPP Anand specifically made the empowerment of youth one of his top priorities, and began working on this immediately with the formation of the Mississauga-Malton Youth Council.

See full transcript below:

“Good afternoon, Mr. Speaker. Today I would like to talk about something very dear to my heart and a promise I made repeatedly, even before I was nominated as a candidate.

In my riding of Mississauga–Malton, the youth unemployment rate is approximately 25%, and 28% of youth in Malton feel excluded and are not involved in any extracurricular activities. Both these figures are higher than the city average.

When I started my campaign, I promised to work on these issues. My office has already started the process. We have already reached out to the local councillors, started working with them, and hired a youth coordinator whose role will be dedicated to solving such youth challenges within the communities I represent.

I’m so proud to be part of the government where, in just over a week, we’ve done so much that we’ve echoed multiple times, “Promise made, promise kept.” I’m so proud to say that not only are we delivering results in this House; by hiring the youth coordinator, we have proven, even at the riding level, that we are delivering those results. Our Mississauga–Malton Youth Council is another notable example of promise made, promise kept.

In a couple of years, I pledge to stand before you again with the data confirming the success of our efforts and commitment to the youth of Mississauga–Malton.”