Ontario Modernizing Computer Studies and Tech-Ed Curriculum to Ensure Students Are Prepared for the Jobs of the Future

New curriculum to focus on life and job skills

December 12, 2022

“Preparing students for the future work force is our government’s priority. Industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and construction are modernizing rapidly, utilizing new technologies to increase productivity. We must make sure we are teaching students the vital computer skills needed to prepare Ontario for the jobs of the future” said MPP Deepak Anand. Starting September 2023, the Ontario government will be introducing new curriculum changes, designed to teach students the computer literacy skills needed for today’s technology fueled job market. 

These courses will give students opportunities to learn about Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) hands on, and how they can be applied to skilled trades, as part of the  government’s plan to align curriculum changes with the province’s economic needs and place an emphasis on critical life and job skills, needed in the fast-growing skilled trades.

The curriculum revisions are also part of the next steps in Ontario’s Plan to Catch Up and ensures students have exposure and access to learning opportunities to consider STEM fields and skilled trades as a future career. Other recent curriculum updates include:

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