MPP Anand’s ninth Members’ Statement was on the topic of “Research and Innovation”, delivered on 28 November 2018. 

See full transcript below:

“The riding of Streetsville is home to “Pill Hill,” one of the top life sciences clusters in Canada. On Friday, November 23, my fellow MPPs and I had the opportunity to learn more about the innovation and services this industry provides.

The life sciences industry is an economic powerhouse in the riding of Mississauga–Streetsville. There are over 400 companies that provide 15,000 well-paying jobs to the people of the GTA. These companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into our local economy, billions of dollars into the provincial economy, and the innovation, production, research and development that these companies provide is priceless.

We were pleased to meet with these three companies in particular: GlaxoSmithKline, Novo Nordisk and Roche Canada. Each of these companies has been making investments in our economy, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new manufacturing facilities, R&D training and education. Additionally, they have contributed millions of dollars in taxes.

We are excited to continue to work with those companies as they continue to expand in our riding and across Ontario. Our province is open for business and will continue to work to provide the environment these businesses need to succeed and make life better for all Ontarians. I’d like to congratulate and welcome Mr. Ryan Lock from GSK, Veronica Carson from Novo Nordisk, and Lorraine Hudson from Roche Canada. Thank you so much for coming to Queen’s Park.”