Temporary inconveniences will lead to great new projects, MPP Deepak Anand says

I believe that the Hurontario and Eglinton West LRT are game changers for our community. The provincial government has invested $11.2 billion into bringing our transit network into the 21st century. This will positively transform our growing community in an effort to deliver faster and more efficient transit for our people. It is time for us to get our folks off of the roads, out of gridlock, and in the presence of their friends, families, and loved ones sooner.

Another exciting initiative underway is the Goreway Bridge. For over a decade the people of Malton have been awaiting the commencement of this project. While our community is ready to get shovels in the ground, our roads and infrastructure are currently being prepared for this initiative. I appreciate your patience in this matter, and I know that this has been a long time in the making. 

Now, of course we know projects of this scale will be met with its share of temporary challenges. We will likely experience an increase in traffic and delays; this may require us to make alternate travel arrangements and leverage the opportunity to carpool. I am confident that as a community we can link arms and support one another, while we anxiously await the LRTs and Goreway Bridge to be completed.

I want to assure you that the provincial government is making decisions focused on the future of our community. Along with all of the future benefits of these projects, Metrolinx is focused on providing opportunities within our community. These will include professional administrative and technical jobs, apprenticeships, and the procurement of business from our local businesses within project corridors.

I am excited about what these developments will mean for us in Mississauga-Malton. There will undoubtedly be some disturbance in our day-to-day traffic activities. But remember, there is a very bright light at the end of this tunnel – let’s all take a deep breath as we take on these short-term pains for our long-term gains. I will be sure to keep you informed as these projects continue.