Dine Ontario

October 1-8, 2024

Exciting news! As Ontario gears up for 25th Ontario Agriculture Week from October 1-8, 2023. Our government is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Dine Ontario initiative, promoting local restaurants that support Ontario Made food and beverages.

Let’s savour the flavours of our local food in local restaurants, support farmers & boost our culinary senses!

Ontario has over 67,000 farm operators and employees, and 1-in-10 Ontarians work is connected to the agri-food supply chain. Last year, the industry contributed $47 Billion to our province’s GDP. Support those who keep us fed by buying Ontario food and beverages.

Ontario wine is some of the best in the world and is sold in more than 70 countries across the globe! Ice wine is our home grown specialty, and accounts for half of the nearly 1 million bottles exported each year. Over 3 million tourists visit Ontario’s wine country each,

Ontario has been making beer since 1836! Now, craft beer is one of the fastest growing industries in Ontario, and the number of breweries has more than tripled since 2010. Support local by trying one of the 350+ breweries today!

To mark the 25th Ontario Agriculture Week we are celebrating local business, selling locally produced food and drinks with the new Dine Ontario initiative.

Stay tuned for details coming soon on participating restaurants near you.

Register your restaurant today to:

  • Connect Ontario farmers and distributors with more restaurants
  • Help restaurants attract even more customers
  • Encourage customers to choose local when they dine out