Investing $700 Million in Homelessness Prevention

Our govt is investing an additional $202M in the province’s Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP), bringing the total investment to nearly $700M annually in the budget 2023. This funding will provide supportive housing and resources for indigenous initiatives. Specifically, of this total, approximately $41.5 million is being distributed through the Indigenous Supportive Housing Program. The remaining $653.9 million is being distributed to service managers across the province through the HPP.

During a time of economic challenges and change, our government is supporting those who have fallen on hard times and are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing homelessness. Efforts to develop a meaningful action plan in collaboration with Indigenous partners will help reduce homelessness and provide greater support for urban populations. This is a long-term pathway to supportive housing that provides Ontarians with an opportunity to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives; making a difference in the lives of so many. When communities thrive, Ontario can thrive.

Quick Facts

  • Through the Community Housing Renewal Strategy, response to COVID-19 and homelessness initiatives, over the past three years Ontario invested nearly $4.4 billion in community and supportive housing while addressing homelessness and the impacts of the pandemic on vulnerable Ontarians.
  • In 2022, the government introduced the More Homes Built Faster Act, which takes bold action to address the housing crisis by building 1.5 million homes by 2031. The plan also has measures to reduce municipal charges for housing providers looking to build non-profit and affordable housing for vulnerable Ontarians.
  • The Government of Ontario has made supportive housing and homelessness prevention a top priority, in recognition that people on limited incomes are often on the front lines of the housing supply crisis. Over the last five years, Ontario introduced four housing supply action plans, including the Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants Act, along with a variety of other legislation and policies aimed at getting shovels in the ground faster to support new homes of all types.