None of these goals will be attainable without the support and voice of the community, says Mississauga-Malton MPP Deepak Anand

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to self-reflect on what we have achieved throughout the year and how we want our coming year to shape up.

Together as a community, we are progressing on the right track of moving forward. Ontario gained 272,000 new jobs since June 2018. Our government has announced a new dental care program for low-income seniors, which will benefit many in the community. We have also started the first neighbourhood watch in Mississauga-Malton under the leadership of Safe City Mississauga, which will help keep Mississauga-Malton safe and aware. Lancaster Public School will be opening a new daycare with 25 new spaces to provide help to working families. We have also ensured that areas around Westwood Mall are neat and clean, with adequate garbage disposal and maintenance. All these achievements make me feel good, but we must continue working to make Mississauga-Malton an amazing place to live, grow and thrive.

For the year of 2020, we have set up numerous projects that we hope to achieve together as a community. Not too long ago, Malton was a place known for creating world-class athletes. In an effort to create those world-class athletes again, we are working to get a new track and field for Lincoln Alexander Secondary School. This new facility will give our youth the opportunity to be engaged and help them reach new heights. We want to build this facility not only for the students, but also the residents of Malton who can use it to have an active healthy lifestyle. We are also working on other projects like bringing a Service Ontario to Mississauga-Malton and working with Peel Regional Police to bring adequate policing to the riding.

None of these goals will be attainable without the support and voice of the community. I want every voice to be heard and every resident to participate in helping our community grow. Let’s all work together to take Mississauga-Malton forward — and have a blessed 2020.